Unit Bricks are a great way to build science, maths, engineering and creativity into daily play.

Albert Einstein and Architect Frank Lloyd Wright are just two famous champions of brick play, and studies show children that build with bricks outperform, both in the classroom and throughout their lives. Kids benefit from brick play in numerous ways:

  • Early math exploration, discovering shapes, sizes and fractions
  • Spatial awareness, balance and gravity practiced during brick play
  • Hand-eye co-ordination and small and gross motor skills practiced though block manipulation
  • Social skills and communication though co-operative play
  • Creativity, design and planning via open-ended play

What’s different about our Unit Bricks?

Solid and Sustainable

Unit Bricks are made from traditional wood – a natural feelgood material ideal for little hands and developing minds – and 100 % sustainable, using every part of the tree from root to tip.


Our Unit Bricks keep to Caroline Pratt’s proven scale, with one standard unit measuring 140 by 70 by 35mm, to fit snug in your child’s hand. We also incorporate hand-carved grooves delineating unit measures, increasing exposure to geometry, measurement, symmetry, fractions and balance – Running fingers along those grooves feels great.


Sets include the full scope of shapes needed for imaginative, realistic construction, including: Units in singles, doubles and quadruples, arches, columns, pillars, triangles, buttresses and ramps. Unit Bricks look like real-world building materials, in natural wood, brick or rocks, and where painted use all natural and organic dyes.


We made these blocks to be kind to the world today – and tomorrow. Lightweight but incredibly robust, Unit Bricks are an heirloom toy intended to be passed through your family. You’ll feel the difference.