Organic, Natural, Charitable, and Environmentally-friendly.

Wood Bricks

Wood Bricks are beautifully crafted and made from FSC certified sustainable wood, which means we source the best products and pay a premium to ensure our Earth is protected. Our focus on sustainable products is a high priority. Wood Bricks are both biodegradable and a renewable resource. So, if you planted wood bricks in the backyard, guess what would happen? Because all of our products are sourced from natural resources, Wood Bricks will biodegrade and go back into the earth (all without harming our environment).  At Once Kids, we understand that everything has an impact on people and the planet. 

The big question is are they compatible? Absolutely! They are 100% compatible with plastic bricks. Create a new masterpiece by interchanging your build sets into something new and fresh with Wood Bricks, not to mention, you can add color too! Customize Wood Bricks with the provided colored pencils or use crayons, markers, paint…the possibilities are endless. Wood Bricks not only inspire creativity but it builds a belief in all that come into play with them! We call it Art + Play and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!  


Bamboo Bricks

Bamboo Bricks are made from precision-carved natural bamboo. Talk about sustainability! Not only is Bamboo a renewable resource but it leaves a carbon-neutral footprint! Take it a step further, these beautiful bricks have antimicrobial properties, which means they barricade against bacteria. Perfect for keeping the germs away.  Durable, beautifully crafted, and even compatible with other major interlocking brick brands. Bamboo Bricks are a brilliant first step into healthier, greener, construction build fun.

Just like wooden bricks, Bamboo Bricks inspires creativity! We also added an additional layer for sensory development and customization by providing adhesive felt stickers.  Your child can customize the Bamboo Bricks with the new beautiful adhesive felt shapes. And of course, our removable felt-shaped stickers are sustainable too. All are spun from recycled plastic bottles and perfect for sensory touch.  We call it Art + Play and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Color Wood Bricks

Color Wood Bricks are naturally sourced wood with an added layer of color –  because sometimes we need a little inspiration! We always want to ensure our products are good for our kids but most importantly good for the environment. Color Wood Bricks are made with non-toxic water-base color tint! They are beautifully crafted for the colorful mind. Color Wood Bricks are FSC certified sustainable wood, which means we source the best products and pay a premium to ensure our Earth is protected. Just like wood bricks, Color Wood Bricks are biodegradable, and a renewable resource. Sustainability is a top priority at Once Kids. 

Color Wood Bricks are even 100% compatible with plastic bricks and our wood bricks collection. Let your creative mind soar! You may notice we left some natural wood bricks in the Color collection. Why? Because we like to inspire creativity. With every box, you can make it your own. Build castles, ships, or cars and make something no one else has! We call it Art + Play and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!  

Patent Pending.

Plus+ Wood Bricks

Plus+ Wood Bricks is a new collection at Once Kids. Toddler-sized construction bricks that are twice the size of our traditional wood bricks perfect for those little hands! This beautiful collection comes in two styles, natural and color bricks. The color with Plus +Wood Bricks is made with non-toxic water-base color tint. 100% biodegradable and made from FSC certified wood. Because at Once Kids, we prioritize the safety of our children and our environment. These wooden bricks are completely compatible with both plastic bricks and traditional wooden bricks. Plus+ Wood Bricks, is great to play with on their own or turn them into an Art + Play experience. You can even customize the natural blocks with crayons, paint, etc.!  Plus+ Wood Bricks Inspires creativity – improves motor skills and delights all that play.


Wood Action Figures – Heroes

Playhard Heroes, the OG of the Action Figure collections we offer at Once Kids.  Made of 100% biodegradable wood. Moveable and posable these action figures stand strong at 7.5” tall. The collectible wooden hero series are named after trees, all while fighting the good fight of saving our planet. Be ware of Villain’s lurking as they try to prevent the Heroes from saving the earth. Action-packed fun that never ends.  Compatible with plus+ wooden bricks and plastic bricks too.

Wood Action Figures – Villains

The vengeful gang of Playhard Villains are coming for the Playhard Heroes. These hand-painted wooden action figure series were created to go on wicked adventures! And just like the Playhard Heroes, the 7.5” Villain Series is compatible with the Plus+ Wooden Brick collection. The Playhard Villains™ are named after the most dangerous trees and each have their very own unique power to fight against the Heroes. 

Wood Minifigure

A minifigure collection that is completely designed by you. The world’s first customizable wooden minifigure. Standing 4” Tall, these Mini’s sure will have you excited to Battle, Action, Role Play, and Create endless designs. Compatible with wooden bricks and plastic bricks too. A Maker’s Dream come true!

Megafigure – Wooden Action Figure

Bigger is Better. A massive action figure that comes to life. After all, you are the designer. Playhard Wooden MegaFigure, 19” Tall, designed for the artist. Loaded with high-end quality style to offer a one-of-a-kind experience no other action figure or designer toy has created. Make your mark with the 10 dual tip artist markers.

Make Your Own – Wood Action Figure

MAKE IT YOURS! The DIY Series. A collection created for you and only you because you make it yours. An action figure line that offers you the ability to create your own masterpiece. Even store away in a customizable box. Compatible with wooden bricks plus+ and major brands. Now that’s one-of-a-kind!

City Blocks – Wood and Felt Blocks

For the lover of travel. The Wanderlust Wood and Felt Themed City Blocks collection will delight any shelf or classroom. An ever expanding collection of cities from around the world. Explore Tokyo’s Sky Tree, the tallest building in the world  or take a flight to Washington DC to visit the capitol.  Learn about each city with the included fun facts.

Theme Blocks – Wood and Felt Blocks

Imagination is key! Expanding the Wanderlust Series offering a themed wooden block collection. Take a walk on the wild side or blast off to the moon. These collectible wooden block sets will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Art Blocks – Wood and Chalkboard Blocks

An artist’s dream full of playful blocks to inspire and delight. The Wanderlust Art Blocks offers a collection of moveable, posable wooden blocks designed with a creative touch to personalize your own. Included chalkboard interior to landscape. There are no limitations to art.